5 Senses Week 3 - Day 2

This camp session is coming to a close! We have so many exciting things to share about all the amazing ways we used our senses on the farm.

We started our day with a trip to the big garden! When we arrived at the garden, we picked kale, zucchini, and cucumbers! We learned all about the way foods grow in the garden and got to smell all the delicious food growing. We even got to pick carrots!

When we got back to the classroom, we were able to use our sense of taste to try the zucchini and cucumber that we picked in the garden. Our campers were so excited to eat the food they picked!

We then, had time for a story before heading outside for one more activity before lunch.

With magnifying glasses in hand, our campers explored the beautiful master garden – an area of the farm where specialists come in and plant beautiful flowers and vegetables. We found all sorts of flowers and even found some monarch butterfly eggs!

It was then time to get ready for our wagon ride and lunch! Once we were on the wagon and had arrived at our shady spot, we enjoyed a yummy lunch and were able to refuel from all the exciting activities from the morning. Our campers explored around our picnic spot and found an animals home underneath a tree!

On our wagon ride back to the classroom, we stopped at the pumpkin patch to check on our pumpkins. Some are starting to grow! They won’t be ready until Halloween time though.

For our final activity, we played a farm animal game where we talked about what animals are on the farm or not and even tried to see if we could make all the animal noises! Then it was time for our afternoon snack – a delicious smoothie! In our smoothie, we put strawberries and bananas and even a little kale that our campers picked earlier in the morning. After our yummy treat, it was time to say our final and sad goodbyes.

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