5 Senses Week 2 - Day 2

We were so excited to have our campers back for Day Two of 5 Senses! There was so much left to explore on the farm!

First, our campers went out to the garden where they were able to pick raspberries and carrots! They used their senses of smell, touch, and even taste – after the produce was washed!

We even got to explore the master garden and old corn maze to see what plants were out there, paying close attention to our senses along the way. Some of our campers discovered some Queen Anne’s Lace, or wild carrot, that we were able to smell.

After all the walking and exploring in the hot sun, our campers enjoyed a well needed snack and drink of water. We did some indoor playing and reading before getting ready to go back outside.

Once we were cooled down, it was time to head out on our final tractor ride for lunch and some more farm exploration. The campers used magnifying glasses to search for insects, frogs, and plants once they finished eating. We also got to explore the pumpkin patch to see the tiny pumpkins that are just starting to grow.

We drove back to the front of the farm and said one final goodbye to our animals – the goats, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, and turkeys were all sad to see our campers leave!

Once inside, we packed up the dehydrated fruit that was prepped on Day One to enjoy at home with family and friends! Then it was time to say our final, sad goodbyes to our amazing campers.

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