5 Senses Week 2 - Day 1

The second week of 5 Senses is upon us! We were so excited to have all 30 of our Barnyard Buddies with us exploring our senses on the farm!

We got started right away by visiting the animals! The campers were so excited. We went down to see the goats and sheep and even sneak a look at the baby turkeys. While in the Lower Barn, we pet the goats and felt some of the sheep wool to feel the difference. We got to feel and smell the feed that the animals eat. There was so much to sense!

Then we stopped in the Hay Loft to get some shade. We saw the cat and got to smell the hay and even feel it while we listened to the quietness compared to the Lower Barn.

Before seeing the chickens, pig, and turkeys, we got to take a short visit to our ponies while they were eating their hay! We also said a quick hello to the bunny before heading inside to meet the pig and chickens.

Once inside, the campers had so many amazing questions about the chicken and quails and the eggs they lay. We got to feel the different eggs and talk about the different colors of eggs.

After all the walking around seeing the animals, our campers were hungry and ready for a snack! After refueling, the campers got to head into the kitchen to prepare some dehydrated fruit for a special snack on Day Two. They also got to read a story and spend some time in the garden beds out front learning about the different plants that grow, smelling and feeling them.

For lunch, we took an exciting picnic ride out to a shady picnic spot and even saw the horses on our ride.

After lunch, we played some games with the parachute which the campers loved! We also made some delicious berry and peach smoothies – some campers even saved some for their parents to try!

We can’t wait for Day Two to have even more fun!

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