5 Senses Week 1 - Day 2

On our second day of 5 Senses, we had a lot more exploring to do using our senses!

We headed out to the garden to hunt for some carrots and raspberries. We used our sense of sight and smell to decide which berries were best to pick and to organize the carrots by size from big to small.

After our time out in the sun, we ventured back indoors to wash our carrots and try them. Even though some of our adventurous campers were scared to try the carrots, everybody took at least one bite and most of our campers enjoyed them!

Before lunch, we had one more sensory activity to complete. The campers made blue and green Oobleck – water mixed with corn starch. When in a container it is hard and solid, but when it is picked up it turns into a liquid!

The day ended with a beautiful picnic lunch, a yummy trail mix using the dehydrated fruit from the day before, and a story before saying our final goodbyes.

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