5 Senses is Back!

This week Barnyard Buddies is back with its 5 Senses camp!  We had so much fun this week and had a busy couple days at the farm.

As the campers arrived, our helpers worked with them to create a handprint craft that we hung up around the room!

After much anticipation when the campers arrived, we got to go out to the barn to see the animals!  We fed the calves their milk and boy were they hungry!  Then we get to milk our mother goat, Flow.

Patches, the pony, even stopped to say hello!  Our campers got a chance to groom and pet her.

We also got to see our bunnies, mommy pig, and chickens!  In the chicken coop we got to collect some eggs.  Our campers were very gentle with the eggs so none of them broke.  Yay!

We worked up quite an appetite after seeing the animals so we headed out to a shady spot to enjoy snack!  We had some delicious animal crackers – unfortunately none of the crackers were shaped like farm animals.  On our second day of camp we had some delicious trail mix with banana chips, pretzels, marshmallows, dried cherries, M&M’s, and more!  Yum!

After that, we got to see the root cellar where we store a lot of farm supplies.  It is also where the old farmers used to store their food before they had refrigerators.  Cool!  We headed to the hay loft to take a look at where the animals’ food is stored.  We also got to go out to the corn maze area to find flowers that are growing there.

Then it was lunch time!  We took a wagon ride out to the hill and had our picnic on top.  We saw some butterflies and grasshoppers during our fun picnic.  At our picnic, we also did a fun craft – we did some bark rubbing with paper and crayons to show the different textures of the different trees on the farm!

After lunch we headed out to the garden where we were able to pick some kale that we used in our afternoon snack!  Each camper did an amazing job picking a piece of kale.  We used it in our berry and banana smoothies.  They were absolutely delicious!

On our second day of camp, we played parachute games after lunch and enjoyed some refreshing fruit and veggie popsicles!  Before the parachute games though, we got to go out into the pumpkin patch and see the pumpkins that are starting to grow.

Camp was sadly over after all the fun activities we did.  It was sad to say goodbye to this fun group of campers!

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